Welcome to Hopes & Dreams, an inspirational and fun-filled website dedicated to those planting the seed of hope and encouragement. Inside you’ll find fascinating articles about God’s awesome creations, imaginative games and creativity for all. A place to sow; a place to grow.

Welcome to Hopes & Dreams

What could be more exciting than watching new life emerge from the earth . . . blossom . . . and bring forth something incredibly beautiful? And just think—it all starts with a tiny seed. Are you planting a seed of hope? Sharing the love of Jesus and helping others fulfill their dreams . . [...]


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Persevere for the Promise

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La Oración de La Jurada

Yo sentía el temor en cada parte de mi ser mientras que abría la última carta. Letras oscuras en el sobre proclamaron “Llamada Para Servicio del Jurado”.” Oh, no. ¿ Porqué yo? Inmediatemente traté de pensar en una razón para poder evitar mi obligación. Nada. Me quité los zapatos, me sentí en el sofá, dándome [...]

More than a Mane

Más que una Melena

Dios me pinto de oro, me destinó para reinar como rey de las bestias, y me coronó con una melena enorme. Me hizo musculoso y fuerte, plantó el valor en mi corazón, y me ha puesto en la cima de la cadena alimentaria. La palabra de Dios me describe de esta manera: “El León, poderoso [...]

Cranberry Kumquat Cake

Moist and delicious! Perfect served with coffee for breakfast, or as an after dinner [...]

The Umbrella Plant

The Cyperus alternifolius has many common names including Umbrella Plant, Umbrella Palm, Umbrella Sedge, and Umbrella Papyrus. As one would expect, the Umbrella Plant is a lover of the rain and thrives in damp, soggy conditions.  It’s easy to grow, and is completely impossible to over-water. This fast-growing perennial prefers full sun to part shade and [...]

Pot Heads

  Enjoyable for the whole family!   A little imagination can go a LONG way!!!   YOU’LL NEED:                                                                             [...]


The Firefly is also known as the Lightening Bug.   A sweet memory I have as a child is singing 🎵This Little Light of Mine🎵 in church. You may be familiar with the first verse: This little light of mine,I’m going to let it shine.This little light of mine,I’m going to let it shine.This little [...]

A Lesson In Perseverance

The camel has the remarkable ability to carry heavy loads for long distances; often traveling in the heat of the dessert without rest, food, or water.  He is strong and powerful, has an innate ability to endure, and was created with a body perfectly suited to the harsh environment it inhabits. Of all the animals God [...]