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Zip, Zing, Zinnia! If you’re looking to add a little pizazz to your Summer garden, the Zinnia just might be an answer to your prayers.  It’s extremely easy to grow, springs up quickly, and produces an abundance of long-lasting strikingly beautiful flowers. Although Zinnias will grow in most soils, this sun loving annual will thrive in a fertile well [...]

The Eden Incident

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Wildflower Puzzle Page

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Nature Seek & Find

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God’s Promise Color Page

God's Promise Coloring [...]

What’s Up Jonah???

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Vanilla Bean

The vanilla bean is a product of the Vanilla Orchid. This particular orchid is a vine that climbs high into the trees in tropical climates such as Central America, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Mexico.  The Vanilla Orchid produces flowers that bloom for only one day. For this reason commercial growers assist in the tedious process by hand pollinating each [...]

Living Stone

The Living Stone is native to South Africa and is named for it’s stone-like appearance.  Blending well in it’s natural habitat of pebbles and rocks perfectly concealing itself from living creatures eager to quench their thirst with the stored water it obtains.  The Living Stone is also known as a Lithops, Split Rock, & Pebble Plant.  It comes in a variety of shapes [...]

The Pansy

      Just when the summer color begins to fade away, in marches the Pansy to save the day.   This delightful little flower comes in a wide variety of gorgeous colors, does very well in cooler weather and can even tolerate a bit of snow.  Their smiling little faces are sure to bring [...]

Wildflower Potpourri

Enjoy lasting memories of the beauty of Spring by creating your own wildflower [...]