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The Pansy

        Just when the summer color begins to fade away, in marches the Pansy to save the day.   This delightful little flower comes in a wide variety of gorgeous colors, does very well in cooler weather and can even tolerate a bit of snow.  Their smiling little faces are sure to [...]

Wildflower Potpourri

Enjoy lasting memories of the beauty of Spring by creating your own wildflower [...]

Fruit For Thought

My beloved sister Amy makes a delicious fruit salad. New Year’s Day was no exception. As I was riffling through the bowl of plump, juicy fruit tossing aside the maraschino cherries in search of the favored strawberry and mandarin orange, a thought occurred to [...]

Acorn Napkin Rings

Decorating for fall made easy with these quick and inexpensive napkin rings. A perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table. [...]

Time for Tea

Are you ever overwhelmed when you scan the multitude of tea options sitting on store shelves? With so many choices, which will it be? A rare white, a healthy green, a most popular black, a unique oolong, or maybe even a finely aged-to-perfection pu-erh. [...]

A Juror’s Prayer

Dread filled every part of my being as I opened the last piece of mail. Bold letters on the envelope proclaimed “Jury Summons.” Oh no. Why me? I immediately searched for a valid reason to avoid my civic duty. Nothing. Kicking off my shoes, I melted into the couch, succumbing to the knowledge I would have to go. [...]

Noah’s Ark Necklace

The Noah's Ark necklace features cookie critters and rainbow colored pasta. A great project to do at home individually, or as a group in Sunday School. Easy to make and fun to wear. Optional glue recipe [...]

Welcome to Hopes & Dreams

What could be more exciting than watching new life emerge from the earth . . . blossom . . . and bring forth something incredibly beautiful? And just think—it all starts with a tiny seed. Are you planting a seed of hope? Sharing the love of Jesus and helping others fulfill their dreams . . [...]

Dandelion Blossom

That’s Just Dandy

The misunderstood dandelion tends to be the target of homicidal homeowners’ packing weed killer, sharpened garden tools, and Blade, the merciless mower. However, more and more people are coming to appreciate the dandelion for its health benefits and wide variety of uses. No longer is the dandelion just a weed, but one incredibly healthy [...]

Lion's Tail

What’s That in the Bushes?

Oh, my—it looks like a LION’S TAIL! The Lion’s Tail roars into autumn, producing velvety orange flowers that resemble the tufted tail of the King of the Beasts. This shrub, which grows among the lions in its native home of South Africa, is as big and bold as its namesake and occasionally bites an ungloved hand. [...]