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Pot Heads


Enjoyable for the whole family!  

A little imagination can go a LONG way!!!


YOU’LL NEED:                                                                                                                                              

  • Flower pot
  • Potted plant of your choice that will fit easily inside flower pot 
  • Glue – Glue gun works great for indoors, but you may consider a stronger adhesive if you plan on leaving pot  outside.
  • Decorative items of your choice.  


1).  Plan ahead; create a unique design.   

2).  Glue decorative pieces into the design of your choice onto flower pot.                   

3).  Place potted plant directly inside your newly designed flower pot.                                                                                           

4).  Follow plant care instructions carefully.




                                                                                                                                                                3 Potheads



Yellow PotHead 2

Miss Prickly Pot Head has painted bark for lips, a pebble for a nose, and false eyelashes. Headband is made of ribbon, a broken bracelet and a an artificial flower.  Thrixanthocereus cactus species.



Green Pot Head

Punky Pot Head has buttons for eyes and nose, sunflower seeds for eye brows, a twig for a mouth, pinto beans for ears, and a pair of old earrings.  Kosmik cactus.


Orange Pothead

Mr. Mustache Pot Head is made with pasta eyebrows, acorn ears, cinnamon stick nose, bark mustache, google eyes, and pebble teeth.  Juncus plant.



By Laurie Cervantez 

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