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Zip, Zing, Zinnia!

If you’re looking to add a little pizazz to your Summer garden, the Zinnia just might be an answer to your prayers.  It’s extremely easy to grow, springs up quickly, and produces an abundance of long-lasting strikingly beautiful flowers.

Although Zinnias will grow in most soils, this sun loving annual will thrive in a fertile well drained environment.  Easily grown from sowing seed directly into your flower bed makes this plant a great choice for both the beginner and seasoned gardener. The Zinnia prefers warmer temperatures ranging between 74 and 84 degrees F and once established only needs to be watered when dry. Removing dead flowers encourages more blossoms to form providing a steady stream of vibrant color from late spring to early fall.

Zinnias reach a height of about 2 feet tall  but are also available in a giant variety that towers up to 4 feet  tall and produces massive blooms. Also available is a smaller dwarf variety that is great for containers.  

The Zinnia comes in a rainbow of colors including orange, yellow, pink, red, purple, white and even a candy-striped variety.  Plant these dazzling beauties and expect to see oodles of butterflies fluttering around your garden as they enjoy them too!


By Laurie Cervantez





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