Welcome to Hopes & Dreams, an inspirational and fun-filled website dedicated to those planting the seed of hope and encouragement. Inside you’ll find fascinating articles about God’s awesome creations, imaginative games and creativity for all. A place to sow; a place to grow.

Welcome to Hopes & Dreams

What could be more exciting than watching new life emerge from the earth . . . blossom . . . and bring forth something incredibly beautiful? And just think—it all starts with a tiny seed.

Are you planting a seed of hope? Sharing the love of Jesus and helping others fulfill their dreams . . . and even more? Then this is dedicated to you. You inspire us all to put on our gardening gloves, grab a shovel, and begin to plant our very own personalized seed.

Readers, remember . . . God has prepared a place in the garden just for you. He has given you a seed to sow and nurture. I believe, with His help, you will bring forth a great harvest.


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